Magical Essential Oil Set

Magical Essential Oil Set

The most recommended oils to have on hand for magical use.

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Classic Magical Oil Set
A set of 9 essential oils.

13 Moons presents the most recommended oils to have for all your Magickal endeavors.

Your Magical Essential Oil Set includes:

  • .125 ounce Benzoin Essential Oil
  • .125 ounce Clove Essential Oil
  • .125 ounce Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • .125 ounce Lavender Essential Oil
  • .125 ounce Orange Essential Oil
  • .125 ounce Patchouli Essential Oil
  • .125 ounce Peppermint Essential Oil
  • .125 ounce Thyme Essential Oil
  • .125 ounce Vetiver Essential Oil
  • Velveteen Bag to hold, store and carry your oils.

Please Note: There are no instructions for use of the oils.
Each is an essential oils and can be safely blended into blends, perfumes, spray mists or used as they are.
They are to be used externally only.

Size and color of bag will vary. 
For skin use: Essential Oils are recommended to be diluted.

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