We offer you a wide variety of bags, many which are made by Pagan Seamstresses, Nokomis and Star. You will find velvet, cotton, silk and leather bags some with embroidery and others which you can accent with beads, feathers, etc. for your Mojo, Charm and Spell Crafting.


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  1. Blue Velvet Bag 4x6 inch
  2. Blue Velvet Bag 4x5.5 inches
  3. Green Velvet Bag 4x6 inches
  4. Black Pentacle Bag
  5. Cotton Muslin Bag
    Cotton Muslin Bag
    As low as $0.49
  6. Satin Bag Satin Bag
    Satin Bag
    As low as $1.25
  7. Leather Bag, Assorted Colors
    Leather Bag, Assorted Colors
    Special Price $6.95 Regular Price $8.95
  8. Leather Bag, Black
    Leather Bag, Black
    As low as $5.95
  9. Leather Bag, Brown
    Leather Bag, Brown
    As low as $4.95
  10. Wand Bag, Royal Blue
    Wand Bag, Royal Blue
    As low as $6.99
  11. Wand Bag, Red
    Wand Bag, Red
    As low as $6.99
  12. Wand Bag, Green
    Wand Bag, Green
    As low as $6.99
  13. Wand Bag, Black
    Wand Bag, Black
    As low as $7.50
  14. Futhark Velvet 5x7 Bag
  15. Celtic Cloth, Bag and Purse Set
  16. Red Flannel Bag
  17. Pentacle Triple Moon Tarot Bag
  18. Murder of Crows Tarot Bag
  19. Oak Leaf Drawstring Bag
  20. Medieval Hip Bag
  21. Gothic Hip Bag
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21 Items

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