Tea Lights, Votives & Holders

Tea Lights and Votives in beautiful colors for your rituals, spellcrafting and evening ceremonies. We offer scented and unscented as well as lovely holders for home, altar and sacred space.

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  1. Good Health Affirmation Votive
  2. Laughter Affirmation Votive
  3. Mini Potjie Cauldron
  4. Raven Tea Light Candle Holder Set
  5. Money  Affirmation Votive
  6. Love Affirmation Votive
  7. Cinnamon Scented Votive
  8. Friendship Affirmation Votive
  9. Joy Affirmation Votive
  10. Jasmine Scented Votive
  11. White Sage Scented Votive
  12. Witchs Brew Four Sister Votive Set
  13. Ylang Ylang Scented Votive
  14. Pumpkin Scented Votive
  15. Aphrodisia Scented Votive
  16. Amber Scented Votive
  17. Lavender Scented Votive
  18. Sandalwood Scented Votive
  19. Lavender-Ocean Scented Votive
  20. Patchouli Scented Votive
  21. Black Cat Scented Votive
  22. Gold Mercury Glass Candle Holder
  23. Rose Quartz Candle Holder
  24. Dragon Head Tea Light Holder
  25. Tea Light Holder, Earth Goddess
  26. Bayberry-Dragons Blood Scented Votive
  27. Dragons Blood Scented Votive
  28. Myrrh Scented Votive
  29. Frankincense Scented Votive
  30. Votive, Witchs Brew Witchs Purse, 6 of
  31. Votive, Witchs Brew Witchs Purse
  32. Votive, Witchs Brew Evil Eye, 6 of
  33. Votive, Dragons Blood Witchs Brew, 6 of
  34. Votive, Witchs Brew Evil Eye
  35. Votive, Witchs Brew Dragons Blood
  36. Votive, Witchs Brew Original, 6 of
  37. Votive, Original Witchs Brew
  38. Mabon Candle and Stone Set
  39. Lughnassadh Candle and Stone Set
  40. Litha Candle and Stone Set
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Items 1-40 of 91

Set Descending Direction