Chime Candle Brown Box

Chime Candle Brown Box

Candle for Healing, Earth & Study Rituals
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Box of 20 Brown
4 inch Chime Candle

Box of 20 Ritual Chime Candles burns up to 2 hours each. Candle measures 4 inches tall with a .5 inch diameter.

Please Note: Your purchase is for twentry(20) 4-inch candles. No candle holder is included.

Brown is known for:
  • Animals
  • Earth
  • Healing Animals
  • Healing
  • Wisdom
  • Study
  • Home

Please Note:
These are handcrafted in Europe; pigments vary slightly with each shipment we receive from brown to red-brown.

Solid Color; Not dipped over white.  Burn Your Candles in Flame Proof Holder; Trim wicks to 1/4 inch for safe, long burning. Do Not Leave Burning Candle Unattended.


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