Red, Green Candle Set

Red, Green Candle Set

Brighten your Holiday season with chime candles!
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Green and Red Chime Candle Set

A wonderful set for the Holidays

Set of 20 Chime Candles (4 x 1/2 inch). 10 Green and 10 Red. Green and Red candles are two of our most popular colors during the Holiday season. You can use these to represent many things including The God and Goddess.

Red can be used to represent the Horned God on your Altar. Red is of the element fire and can be used for spells for energy, strength, and attraction. It is also heavily connected with the planet Mars. Red is a potent, powerful color; use with caution as you would fire.

Green can represent the Moth Goddess on your Altar. Green is of the element earth; connected with fairies, nature, earth, plants, herbs, trees and animals. Used in many spells for prosperity, luck, balance and healing. Green has long been known as a color of earth, healing, balance and calming. Many use green in their family rooms, bedrooms and offices for the balance/harmony effect and that many other colors will accent well.

Each candle burns for approximately 2 Hours.

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