20 Chime Candle Set, 10 colors

20 Chime Candle Set, 10 colors

For Spells, Rituals and Candle Lit Dining
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20 Candle Set
of 10 Colors

Set of twenty unscented 4 inch x .5 inch chime candles, perfect size and burning time for your rituals and spells.

Your 20 Candle Set includes two each of 10 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Pink, White and Black.

Please Note: colors may vary, substitution may happen on a low stock color. Each set is complete in a see-through box.

Place in flameproof holder and trim wick to .25 inch to enable better burning quality and time.



  • Set of 20 Unscented 4 inch Chime Candles
  • Contains 10 different colors (Two candles of each color)
  • 100% Cotton Wick
  • 100% Paraffin Wax
  • Burn time: approximately 2 hours. Trim wick for better burn
  • Measure 4 inches tall x .5 inches diameter

  • They are very economically priced and excellent for candlelit dinners, ambiance in any space and great for quick spells.

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