Cloaks, Hats & Socks

Witch & Wiccan Cloaks, Hats, and Witches Socks for ceremonies, spell crafting, rituals and fun. Finely sewn, our cloaks and hats are ready made to ship or can be custom designed, made specific for you.


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  1. Wizard Hat, White
  2. Witches Flying Hat, Purple
  3. Wizard Hat, Brown
  4. Witches Flying Hat, Black
  5. Witch Hat
  6. Black Velvet Cloak
  7. Black Cotton Cloak
  8. Meditation Cloak
  9. Dragon Cloak
    Dragon Cloak
  10. Blue Wool Witches Hat Blue Wool Witches Hat
  11. Red Wool Witches Hat
  12. Green Medieval Cloak, XL
  13. Green Medieval Cloak, Large
  14. Red Rimmed Hat Red Rimmed Hat
  15. Blue Rimmed Hat
  16. Black Medieval Cloak XL,
  17. Sea Mist Cloak, XL Sea Mist Cloak, XL
  18. Black Medieval Cloak Large,
  19. Dark Moon Cloak, X-Large Dark Moon Cloak, X-Large
  20. Sea Mist Cloak, Large Sea Mist Cloak, Large
  21. Tan Wool Witches Hat Tan Wool Witches Hat
  22. Grey Wool Witches Hat Grey Wool Witches Hat
  23. Black Wool Witches Hat
    Black Wool Witches Hat
    Special Price $22.95 Regular Price $28.95
  24. Cotton Cloak with Options Cotton Cloak with Options
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24 Items

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