Your cauldron is an important tool traditionally used for cooking and brewing. It represents the Water element, the direction of West and also the Fire element. Use for scrying, incense burning, mixing herbs, oils and brews. Your cauldron normally sits in the West: Water Element.


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  1. Mini Potjie Cauldron
  2. Potbelly Pentacle Cauldron, 4.5 inch
  3. Goddess Cauldron
    Goddess Cauldron
  4. Pentacle Cauldron with Sand
  5. Pentacle Cauldron, 4.5 inches
  6. Black Metal Cauldron
  7. Brass Cauldron Screen Burner
  8. Tree of Life Cauldron with Sand
  9. Raven Pentacle Cauldron
  10. Joga Potion Pot
  11. 7 Quart Flat Bottom Cauldron
  12. Size 1 Potjie Cauldron
  13. 3/4 Potjie Cauldron 3/4 Potjie Cauldron
  14. 1/2 Potjie Cauldron 1/2 Potjie Cauldron
  15. 1/4 Potjie Cauldron 1/4 Potjie Cauldron
  16. Cauldron and Lid 3.5 inches
  17. Baby Pentacle Witch Pot
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17 Items

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