Horseshoe, Authentic

Horseshoe, Authentic

For Rewards, Good Fortune & More
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Authentic, Used Horseshoe for Luck

Hang your horseshoe with points up above your doorway in home or business to Attract Good Luck. Hang with points down to spread luck and fortune to those who pass through your entranceway.

Sizes vary as do the colors, wear and condition.

Lore and Magick for Your Horsehoe:
  • For Untold Amounts of Rewards: Spit on your Horseshoe.
  • For Protection from All Attacks: Keep your Horseshoe in a red bag.
  • For Unexpected Good Fortune: Tie your Horseshoe to a Flowering Tree Branch.
  • For Peace and Serenity Each Day: Hang over doorway in your Home.
  • For a Torrent of Love in the Bedroom: Place your Horseshoe beneath your Head.
  • Eternal Happiness: Keep Your Horseshoe nearby.
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