Triquetra also know as the Trinity Knot commonly represent the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone).


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  1. Triquetra Altar Tile, 3 inch
  2. Triquetra Dual Tone Chalice Triquetra Dual Tone Chalice
  3. Witches Kitchen Triquetra Cupboard
  4. Blue Triquetra Box
  5. Celtic Pentacle Wood Crystal Grid Celtic Pentacle Wood Crystal Grid
  6. Goddess Incense Burner
    Goddess Incense Burner
    Special Price $5.50 Regular Price $6.95
  7. Chakra Tree of Life Pendant
  8. Maiden, Mother, Crone Incense Holder
  9. Pentacle Altar Tile, 3 inch
  10. Triquetra Ring with Purple Setting
  11. Celtic Triquetra Ritual Chalice Celtic Triquetra Ritual Chalice
    Celtic Triquetra Ritual Chalice
    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $17.95
  12. Copper Triquetra Offering Bowl
  13. Triple Moon Herb Chest
  14. Triquetra Herb Chest
  15. Celtic Triquetra Altar Chalice Celtic Triquetra Altar Chalice
  16. Witches Brew Travel Mug
  17. Silver Pentacle with Celtic Triquetra Ring
  18. Celtic Pentacle Ring with Amethyst
  19. Triquetra Incense Burner
  20. Celtic Triquetra Leather Journal Celtic Triquetra Leather Journal
  21. Celtic Pentacle Triple Moon Plaque
  22. Triquetra Silver Bell 3 inch
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22 Items

Set Descending Direction