Money Besom

Money Besom

A can't miss option for workplace success and good fortune!

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Handcrafted Besom with Money Charm
The Formidable Power of Clove at your Hearth

Cloves are potent magical force! Used in charm bags, to remove gossip, and to help gamblers, this is the all purpose herb for winning in the workplace. Cloves' power to bring personal and negotiation success, paired with the money draw charm make a great combination if you've been feeling stuck at work (or without it). Try one of these besoms to spice things up a bit and give yourself the confidence to take that next step in your career!>

These besoms are lovely as they are, but if you want to make a family craft, they're great for decorating. You can further personalize your besom with dried flowers, herbs, ribbons, manifestations/wishes, and other charms. Measures approximately 3 inches (7.6 cm). As each besom is handcrafted, please allow for variations from the photo.

Cloves are associated with:

  • Attracting good fortune
  • Stopping gossip
  • Keeping friendships strong
  • Using in charm bags for gambling or asking for a promotion
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