Protection Charm Bag

Protection Charm Bag

Protection for you and your home.

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Charm Bag for Protection

Your Protection Charm Bag includes herbs, roots, essential oils and colored cloth known to work for protection.

You can use your charm bag to aid you in focusing while mediating on your need/want/desire. Hold your bag and gently squeeze it to awaken the plant’s and oil’s herbal energies. Just remember, intent is everything.

Charm bags can be carried as a talisman or used in your magickal practice to attract, strengthen, cancel or weaken energies.

You can use your own incantation or you can use the one we have included with this charm bag for your spell work. Once you are finished with your spell, you can wear it around your neck, carry it in a personal bag, place it on your altar, sacred space, place near your front door or in your vehicle.

Your Protection Charm Bag is intended for protection but you can meditate on what you are needing most while you harmonize with it’s magickal energy.

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