Evil Eye Palm Stone

Evil Eye Palm Stone

Protection in the palm of your hand.

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Glass Evil Eye Stone

Are you tired of getting that 'malevolent stare' from that pain-in-the-you-know-what co-worker, or that family member you just don't get along with?! Well TA-DAH, then this Evil Eye Palm Stone is just what you need. This stunning palm stone is made in the iconic colors of bright blue, light blue and white. It is the perfect size for carrying in your pocket, purse, wallet, or placing in your sacred space.

Often known as a ‘nazar’, and it has been considered a symbol of protection for many years and across many different cultures. It is thought to protect one from evil spirits and harmful forces, especially the infamous 'malevolent glare'.


  • Glass palm size stone
  • Convenient travel size
  • Measures approximately
  • Traditional colors of bright blue, light blue and white
  • Measures aproximately 1 inch in diameter 
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