Cascarilla, Set of 7

Cascarilla, Set of 7

For protection, magick circles and more.

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Set of 7 - Cascarilla Eggshell Cups

Powdered Eggshell in a cup for your rituals. Cascarilla, also known as Peace Power, represents birth and life and is commonly used to create spells of protection. Eggshell ritual powder (Cascara or Cascarilla) is a great addition to your ritual crafts such as creating your protective circle.

Cascarilla or White Eggshell Powder is a potent cleanser and protective agent.

Cascarilla can be used for:

  • Protective magick
  • Banishing spells
  • Use as a protective barrier to your home.
  • Dust cascarilla powder onto your body to protect you from negative energy.
  • Add to floor wash to cleanse your house of negative energy and prevent negative energy and unfriendly spirits from entering.
  • Added to a ritual bath to wash away negative energy.
  • Draw a magickal line or circle of protection or to draw protective symbols.

Eggshell is connected to the World Egg or the beginning source, as in: "What came first the Chicken or the Egg?" So be mystified and laugh it up, have fun and banish your troubles away from your circle.

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